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Masterclass English

Masterclass English

5.4 / 10.0
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Botersloot 9C
3011HE Rotterdam

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Telefoon: (+31) 0107532037
E-mail adres: Stuur een berichtinfo@masterclassenglish.com
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Masterclass English biedt trainingen in Algemeen Engels, Gespecialiseed Engels en Nederlands aan voor alle niveaus - zomercursussen, intensieve cursussen, zakelijk engels, online cursussen, Rotterdam


Cursussen op de niveaus:
Dit bedrijf verzorgt:
Klassikale studies
cursus Engels
cambridge examen
zakelijk Engels
Financial English
Legal English
intensieve cursussen


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No professionals at all
Awful experience, I totally don't recommend this academy! Last year I followed a course with a teacher I really liked so this year I asked to do the next level of English with her. They told me they would put me in her class so I had to assist on Thursday evenings. My surprise came when I went to the first lesson and I didn't have the teacher we had agreed but another one, and I didn't like the way he gave the lessons. I went to complain and they told me the teacher I asked for didn't work there anymore (but they didn't tell me anything til i went to the first lesson!) I said I no longer wanted to go on with the course and they told me I had to be more open minded and try harder with the new teacher. I went to another lesson but I really didn't like it so I said I just wanted my money back. They had me waiting for months for an answer til i had to go myself again to the academy and ask again. They told me then I could have some private lessons for that money but I didn't want that, I was already tired of them and I just wanted to get my money and leave. The woman told me that her boss was abroad so he would contact me when he came back. This was 2 months ago. This is my story and that's why I consider them thieves.
1.0 2.0

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